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Get Your Recalls Done

If I had to guess, I’d say that probably the majority of cars sold in the United States in the last two decades have come under some sort of recall at least once. Recalls usually address safety issues, or sometimes … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Latest Airbag Recall

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No Headlights? There’s a Recall For That

A first generation Honda Pilot came into the shop to get some recalls done. It needed at least one of the airbag inflators replaced, but I don’t think that’s why it finally came in. The headlights didn’t work, and that’s … Continue reading

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Get Your Airbag Recall Done

If you somehow haven’t heard, millions of airbag inflators have been recalled in the past few years because they can become overpressurized due to humidity, leading to ruptures that send shrapnel into the occupants they’re designed to protect. If you … Continue reading

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Recalls and Gloveboxs

The airbag recalls just keep coming. They’re usually not that much trouble, most of the Hondas I work on are pretty easy. The hard part often comes when doing a passenger airbag and needing to lower the glove box to … Continue reading

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Recalls Bring the Odd Cars

Sometimes I wonder if people compete to bring in the worst condition car to get recalls done. This one was impressive.

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Another One Bites The Rust

Besides the repairs themselves, one of the things technicians dislike most about recalls is the cars that come in that are absolute junk. I’ve never seen a car this rusty before.

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Recall Specialties

There are always recalls open on some of the cars we work on at the dealership. Some of them are for a large number of cars, like airbag recalls. Everybody in the shop ends up doing them at some point. … Continue reading

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