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Get Your Airbag Recall Done

If you somehow haven’t heard, millions of airbag inflators have been recalled in the past few years because they can become overpressurized due to humidity, leading to ruptures that send shrapnel into the occupants they’re designed to protect. If you … Continue reading

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Breaking Brake Pad Material

Recently I had a car in the shop for its yearly state inspection. It had a few problems, but probably the worst and most dangerous was the brakes.

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Check Your Tires

It’s important to check your tires regularly. Tire pressures should be checked every month, especially in places with widely varying temperatures. Every 10 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature change will affect the tire pressure by 1 PSI. Proper tire pressure is … Continue reading

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No Caliper Bolts

Another car came in for a complaint of an unusual noise. I drove it around the parking lot and clearly heard a clunking from the rear when going over bumps. When I put it on my lift it took longer … Continue reading

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Chewed Seatbelts

I’m not a big fan of cars that have had dogs in them. They often smell or have hair everywhere, or have nose smudges on the windows. I haven’t often seen damage caused by dogs, though.

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No Pad Left

Sometimes you have to wonder how a customer either didn’t notice a problem, or didn’t care enough to get it checked out. I’ve worked on many cars with so many indications of major problems, sometimes very unsafe problems, but somehow … Continue reading

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Another One Bites The Rust

Besides the repairs themselves, one of the things technicians dislike most about recalls is the cars that come in that are absolute junk. I’ve never seen a car this rusty before.

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