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How to Safely Lift and Support a Car

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A Quick Word on Safety

Today’s video is about safety while working on cars. Click here or on the video above to watch it.

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Long Tire Life

Recently I had a 2013 CR-V in the shop. While looking it over I measured the tires, and there was 3/32nds on the front and 5/32nds on the rear, which is right around when it’s time to get new tires. … Continue reading

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Car Fires

Recently I had the experience of putting out a car fire. Usually, if your car catches fire, you don’t want to try to fight it. Just get out, get away, and call the fire department. Pretty much everything on a … Continue reading

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Be Careful With Gloves

A lot of mechanics don’t wear gloves. A lot do wear gloves. For most it’s a personal preference. I prefer wearing them instead of having to wash my hands frequently, and definitely wear them when working with various automotive chemicals. … Continue reading

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One Reason I Don’t Think Self-Driving Cars Will Work

There are plenty of opinions out there about why self driving cars are a bad idea or why they won’t work. One concern I haven’t seen voiced is one I’m seeing on the driver-assist systems on current cars. Most new … Continue reading

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Get Your Airbag Recall Done

If you somehow haven’t heard, millions of airbag inflators have been recalled in the past few years because they can become overpressurized due to humidity, leading to ruptures that send shrapnel into the occupants they’re designed to protect. If you … Continue reading

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