How To: 1987-1991 Ford F-Series Headlight Assembly Replacement

The headlights on my 1990 Ford F-250 were looking pretty bad. 28 years of sun does a number on plastic. Besides the fading and clouding, the housings were broken, so it wasn’t worth just restoring the headlights. If you want to replace your headlights, here’s a guide.

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Worn-Out Pulley

I was driving my truck last week when I suddenly heard the squeal of my serpentine belt and then didn’t have any power steering. I quickly pulled over and opened the hood to find that my serpentine belt had gotten thrown off the pulleys.

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My Truck: Seized Caliper

Ever since I bought my truck, a 1990 Ford F-250, the brakes sounded bad when stopping. It would sound like I was grinding to a halt. I figured at first that it was just rusty rotors because it had sat for a while, but it didn’t go away.

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Missing Headlight Glass

I was given a quick job, a car just needed a new headlight. I pulled out the old bulb, and found something a little odd.

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Torching Off Lug Nuts

Lug nuts need to be tight, but not too tight. When you’re putting them on it’s ideal to use a torque wrench to make sure that they’re just tight enough. If they’re on too tight or unevenly tightened, it can cause problems like warped rotors, and can be hard to take off to change a spare tire on the side of the road.

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Duct-taped Trim

In a recent post I showed what duct tape does to paint on a car. It’s also not a good idea to use inside your car.

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Broken and Leaking Brakes

A first generation Honda CR-V came into the shop with a scraping noise in the rear. It was coming from the left rear brakes.

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