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As someone who loved his first car more than it deserved, I understand holding onto a car longer than I should. That being said, this is just a bit too far. This car should’ve gone to the junkyard years ago.

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New Wheels on Old Cars

Most people leave the same wheels on a car for its entire life. Some replace them because they don’t like the look, or because they keep leaking due to corrosion. Usually when they do this they use aftermarket wheels, because there are a lot of options that are far cheaper than OEM wheels.

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Car Fires

Recently I had the experience of putting out a car fire. Usually, if your car catches fire, you don’t want to try to fight it. Just get out, get away, and call the fire department. Pretty much everything on a car is flammable, with all the plastics, foam, paint, tires, and almost all the fluids will burn well too.


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Be Careful With Gloves

A lot of mechanics don’t wear gloves. A lot do wear gloves. For most it’s a personal preference. I prefer wearing them instead of having to wash my hands frequently, and definitely wear them when working with various automotive chemicals. Sometimes they can be dangerous though. If you’ve ever read an instruction manual for any type of power tool with spinning or moving parts, you may have noticed that it says not to wear loose clothing or have long hair hanging loose, and probably says not to wear gloves. This is all because you don’t want to get grabbed by the tool, which can lead to some pretty bad injury.

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Completely Dead Battery

There are multiple reasons why a car won’t start. They can generally be categorized into no-crank, no-start, or start-stall issues. If the engine doesn’t even turn over when you turn the key, chances are it’s a bad battery or a dead starter. If the engine cranks just fine but never starts running, it could be a problem with getting fuel or spark. When an engine does start but then stalls, then it’s a little less straightforward.

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Car Didn’t Want To Be Fixed

It was my day off, and I had a long list of things to do, starting with some maintenance on my car. I had to do an oil change as well as replace one of the front wheel bearings. It wasn’t making any noise, but I’d noticed it was a little loose and decided to take care of it before it became a problem.

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Annoying Wheel Design

I was taking snow tires off of a newer Honda Accord and ran into a new problem. It usually doesn’t take me too long, but this time I was slowed down by the design of the wheels.

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