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Taps & Dies vs. Thread Chasers: What’s the Difference?

When threads get damaged on bolts or in bolt holes, there are two options: taps & dies, or thread chasers. What are they, and what’s the difference between the two? Why do I have sets of each? Advertisements

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Toyota Oil Filter Wrench

I worked on Toyotas for almost two years, but now I work on Hondas. Despite this, I still use my Toyota oil filter wrench almost daily.

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Plastic Tool Tray Reinforcement

Some tools, like screwdrivers, prybars, or special sets like brake tools, come in molded plastic trays made specifically for those tools. If you have room in your toolbox, these can keep things organized really well.

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Throwback: Bad Machining Job

Let’s take a look back at a post from a year ago. When I first bought my tools, at the start of my first semester of automotive school, I got a whole bunch of Snap-On stuff. I didn’t know that … Continue reading

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Found Tools

One of the reasons I keep my toolbox organized is so I can easily tell if I’m missing a tool. I’ve only lost three tools, but they weren’t anything too important, and two I got for free so it was … Continue reading

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Two Time-Saving Tools

For a mechanic, time is money. The more we get done, the more money we make. So it’s often worth spending some money on tools that help us get jobs done faster.

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Getting Creative with Tools

There are always times when that one bolt you need to turn is in a really inconvenient place, and it leads you to come up with combinations of tools you wouldn’t usually.

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