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Broken Wheel

Up here in the north, our winters are pretty hard on our roads, leading to lots of potholes. Until it warms up enough for the highway crews to fix them, the roads become a minefield for tires and wheels.

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Collision Repair at Home

Last winter my sister had a little run-in with a guardrail when she lost traction in the slush on the road. It was a pretty slow hit so it didn’t do too much damage.

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Bent Wiper Blades

It’s winter up here in New York, and my particular area is statistically one of the snowiest in the country. This year hasn’t been that winterlike, but we’ve had some recent cold and heavy snow.

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My Car: Plans for 2016

Last year, right around the time I graduated school and got promoted at work, I finally bought my first car.

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Bad Dipstick Location

In yet another edition of “what was the engineer thinking?” we have an example from Ford.

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Broken Coil Spring

When I’m given a used car to look over to find what’s needed to make it sellable, I usually start off with a test drive. But when I got into this Camry, and pulled out of the parking spot, I … Continue reading

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Tighten Your Lug Nuts

Of all the fasteners on a car, some of the most important are the lug nuts. You don’t want a wheel coming off.

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Bad Machining Job

When I first bought my tools, at the start of my first semester of automotive school, I got a whole bunch of Snap-On stuff. I didn’t know that much about tools at the time, so for a while I thought … Continue reading

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