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Exterior Trim & Wheel Painting on My Civic

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9-Year Patina

In recent years, classic cars that have faded paint and surface rust from decades of exposure to the environment have become more accepted instead of only cars with showroom-quality paint. I’m not sure if that applies to cars that aren’t … Continue reading

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Multicolor Truck

Sometimes body panels of cars need to be replaced, either because of damage from an accident, or because they’re just getting too rusty. If it was an accident and insurance is paying for the repairs, usually the replacement is painted … Continue reading

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My Truck: Painting the Wheels

The summer after my bought my 1990 Ford F-250, I decided to freshen up the looks a bit by painting the bumpers, fender trim, and emblems. It made a big difference in how the truck looked. The one thing I … Continue reading

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What Does Tape Do To Car Paint?

This is a blog post that’s a whole year in the making. Last year I put 10 different types of tape on a junk fender I had lying around and waited until this year to take them off to see … Continue reading

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My Truck: Painting the Bumpers

My 1990 Ford F-250 was originally red, but the previous owner painted it camouflage. There were a few spots that I wanted to touch up when it got warm, especially the bumpers.

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Rusted Screw Complaint

The dealership recently delivered a used Odyssey to a customer. When they came in for a few repairs they said they didn’t like that the screws holding down the trim over the rear seat anchors were rusty.

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Duct Tape + Spray Paint = Collision Repair?

I was doing some work on a Honda Ridgeline when the front bumper caught my eye.

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Wholesale Rust

Many times dealerships get trade-ins that aren’t worth their time or effort to fix up and sell. Older cars, higher mileage, damaged, rusted. When they decide not to do anything with them they get put on the wholesale line where … Continue reading

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How-To: Repainting Wiper Arms

After a while the paint on wiper arms can turn into bare shiny metal, which can cause sun glare.

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