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How to Replace the Battery in a Honda

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Incorrect Battery

Getting the right battery for your car is important. It needs to have enough power to start your engine on a cold morning, and that depends on how big your engine in. Batteries are usually rated by their cranking amps … Continue reading

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The Civic Brake Line Ordeal

Back in March my dad’s 2001 Honda Civic developed a leak in one of the brake lines. The ensuing repairs ended up taking until September to finally finish, partly due to my free times and partly because I just had … Continue reading

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Tool Review: GearWrench Battery Carrying Strap

This may be the cheapest tool I’ve reviewed, but one of my favorites. Batteries are often awkward to put it or take out of cars, so I looked around for something to make it easier, and found this.

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Car-pentry Skills

Sometimes for quick fixes on their car, when zip ties or duct tape won’t work, people turn to another common material: wood.

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Battery Terminal Corrosion

Car batteries sometimes get white or blue-green corrosion on the terminals and hold-down clamps. This is a semi-common problem. I don’t see it a lot, but I see it enough for it to not surprise me. There’s a lot of … Continue reading

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