Get Your Airbag Recall Done

If you somehow haven’t heard, millions of airbag inflators have been recalled in the past few years because they can become overpressurized due to humidity, leading to ruptures that send shrapnel into the occupants they’re designed to protect. If you have a car that has a faulty airbag please get it replaced. It is absolutely free.


I’ve had days where I do almost nothing but replace inflators, but there are still millions out there. Find out if your car has an airbag recall, or any other recall, and get it done as soon as possible. They are free repairs, no cost to you at all, and in some cases you may be able to get a free loaner car. In my experience doing them on Hondas, they take an hour or less to do, so you don’t even have to give up your car for a whole day. These are dangerous and are injuring and killing people, get them fixed now.

To find out if your car has been recalled for an airbag or anything else, call your nearest dealer or go to and click the “search for recalls by VIN” button on the right.

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3 Responses to Get Your Airbag Recall Done

  1. queentracey1 says:

    Thank you for the heads up! Some of us do not always pay attention to these things. What about used vehicles? How do you see if it has been replaced or not?


  2. queentracey1 says:

    How far back does it go? I have a 2006 Explorer.


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