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Turn Signal Won’t Turn Off

I had just finished fixing up a used Honda Odyssey for the dealership to sell, and it had been detailed and was going to be delivered to the customer in a couple hours, when it was given back to me … Continue reading

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How To: 1987-1991 Ford F-Series Headlight Assembly Replacement

The headlights on my 1990 Ford F-250 were looking pretty bad. 28 years of sun does a number on plastic. Besides the fading and clouding, the housings were broken, so it wasn’t worth just restoring the headlights. If you want … Continue reading

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Missing Headlight Glass

I was given a quick job, a car just needed a new headlight. I pulled out the old bulb, and found something a little odd.

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My Truck: Lost Headlight Lens

I took my truck to lunch one day, and later that afternoon I noticed that the lens from my left headlight was missing. The housing is broken so there’s very little holding it in, so I figured it probably fell … Continue reading

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My Truck: Brake Light Switch Wiring

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my 1990 Ford F-250 has had its wiring hacked together by previous owners. Recently this came to light again as my brake lights stopped working.

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Rear Turn Signals

I’m a bigger fan of older car designs than the current ones a lot of the time. Sometimes it’s just the smallest design point that makes a big difference in the feeling of the whole design.

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My Car: New Fog Lights

A year ago I installed a set of Harbor Freight fog lights on my 1997 Honda Civic. They didn’t really do very much compared to my LED headlight bulbs, so I almost never used them.

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