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Found Tools

One of the reasons I keep my toolbox organized is so I can easily tell if I’m missing a tool. I’ve only lost three tools, but they weren’t anything too important, and two I got for free so it was … Continue reading

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How-To: 1997 Honda Civic Noisy Idler Pulley

My car’s engine began to make a high-pitched squealing noise at times, and I tracked it down to the idler pulley for the AC compressor belt.

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CR-V Parking Brake

Once in a while I come across some small feature in a car that is really cleverly designed.

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How-To: 1997 Honda Civic Sun Visor Replacement

When I bought my car, the sun visors weren’t in good shape. The driver’s one had lots of holes in the fabric, and the vanity mirror cover wouldn’t stay closed, so I had to tie it up with some rope.

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New Mechanical Malarkey Logo

I am pleased to announce that I now have a logo for my blog and social media. Thank you to everyone who follows this blog and my various social media streams. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! As always, … Continue reading

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1997 Honda Civic Front Fender Replacement

When I bought my car, besides a bend in the hood, the only body damage was a bent edge on the left front fender.

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Be Careful with Hot Metal

When working on cars there are a lot of things that are hot enough to burn you pretty well.

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How-To: Repainting Wiper Arms

After a while the paint on wiper arms can turn into bare shiny metal, which can cause sun glare.

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Tool Review: Knipex Pliers Wrench

Sometimes a long-lasting tool design can be improved. I think this is one of those.

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