No Headlights? There’s a Recall For That

A first generation Honda Pilot came into the shop to get some recalls done. It needed at least one of the airbag inflators replaced, but I don’t think that’s why it finally came in. The headlights didn’t work, and that’s why it got brought to a dealership, not because of the potentially deadly airbags.


The other recall it came in for was for the wiring connector at the light switch. Early 2000’s Civics and Pilots have a recall to replace the wire and pin for the low beams at the connector, because they could overheat and melt. This was the first time I’d had one come in that had already melted, meaning it needed the whole connector replaced. If this hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if the car would’ve still been on the road with the dangerous airbags. Priorities aren’t quite right with that.

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