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Plastic Tool Tray Reinforcement

Some tools, like screwdrivers, prybars, or special sets like brake tools, come in molded plastic trays made specifically for those tools. If you have room in your toolbox, these can keep things organized really well.

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Quick Tip: Sway Bar Link Installation

I recently shared my method of removing sway bay links, so here’s a quick tip for installing some sway bar links.

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Seized Water Pump

I will never cease to amazed by what customers say is wrong with their car and then what is actually wrong, sometimes a much worse thing than what they noticed.

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Car-pentry Skills

Sometimes for quick fixes on their car, when zip ties or duct tape won’t work, people turn to another common material: wood.

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Cheap Work Truck Repairs

Last week I spent my time working at a summer camp, something I do every summer. I’ve done a little work on some of the camp vehicles in the past, but this year I got to do a couple full … Continue reading

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Melted Dipstick

Another for the list of things I’ve never seen before. A Civic came in after badly overheating because of a damaged radiator. It overheated so badly that it melted the dipstick.

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How To: My Sway Bar Link Replacement Method

One of the more common suspension parts to need replacement, in my experience, are sway bar links. Up here in New York, or in other states where rust is an issue, it isn’t always easy to loosen the nuts holding … Continue reading

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