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My Truck: Painting the Wheels

The summer after my bought my 1990 Ford F-250, I decided to freshen up the looks a bit by painting the bumpers, fender trim, and emblems. It made a big difference in how the truck looked. The one thing I … Continue reading

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Honda Key Remote Screw Removal Tip

The batteries in key remotes go dead after a few years, and they’re usually pretty easy to replace. Sometimes the screw doesn’t want to come out. I’ve known about this hack for a few years but never had to try … Continue reading

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The Most Unusual Job of the Year

This was a weird one. I’m not entirely sure how to describe everything about this one, but if anything fits the name Mechanical Malarkey, it was this job. Let’s start with the original customer complaint.

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How to Safely Lift and Support a Car

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Oversize Wheels and Tires Are a Bad Idea

Some people like to customize their car, to make it more their own, or to show off a little. A common modification people make are bigger wheels. Sometimes sticking to the stock tire diameter isn’t big enough for their tastes, … Continue reading

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Over-Pressurized Tires

Most cars have tire pressure specifications between 30 and 35 psi. Maintaining the correct pressure is necessary for long tire life and good performance. Usually when cars come into the shop their tires are a little low or a little … Continue reading

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Working on Family Minivans

It usually doesn’t matter whether a customer has kids. If I’m doing any kind of work outside the car, or on the engine, it doesn’t matter. But then if I have to work on the interior, it can make things … Continue reading

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