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2013-2017 Honda Accord 4-cylinder Engine Air Filter Replacement

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Throwback: Wrong Spark Plugs

Originally posted March 27, 2017. I recently had an older Honda Odyssey come into the shop for a few recalls and other repairs, and found that it had some codes in the computer indicating misfires. It was misfiring on all … Continue reading

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Broken Spring & Mount

It’s not too unusual for a coil spring on a higher-mileage car to eventually break, I’ve seen it many times. A lot of times it’s just half a loop from the top or bottom and it rattles around and makes … Continue reading

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Unsafe Ball Joint

I was starting to work on another Honda Accord axle shaft recall and was giving the car a quick once-over when I noticed that the left front lower ball joint was loose, along with some other suspension issues. After pricing … Continue reading

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Tools Stuck in Tight Spots

Working on cars often involved squeezing your hands and arms into tight spots. That also means getting tools into those areas, and sometimes they get can get stuck in awkward positions.

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