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Cheap Work Truck Repairs

Last week I spent my time working at a summer camp, something I do every summer. I’ve done a little work on some of the camp vehicles in the past, but this year I got to do a couple full … Continue reading

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How To: My Sway Bar Link Replacement Method

One of the more common suspension parts to need replacement, in my experience, are sway bar links. Up here in New York, or in other states where rust is an issue, it isn’t always easy to loosen the nuts holding … Continue reading

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Another One Bites The Rust

Besides the repairs themselves, one of the things technicians dislike most about recalls is the cars that come in that are absolute junk. I’ve never seen a car this rusty before.

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Nobody Has The Right Tap?

It was supposed to be a simple job, just a factory trailer hitch installation on a Honda Odyssey. The only problem was it wasn’t a brand new Odyssey, it was a used one from 2014. The hitch attaches with six … Continue reading

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Abandoned 1960 Chevrolet

When I was kid I remember finding an old car in the powerlines running near my home. I never saw it again and figured it had been removed when they put in a pipeline, but then last week my brother … Continue reading

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Just Get The Torch

When starting as a mechanic, there are things you learn from reading, and things you learn from seeing and doing. After a while you know when not to bother with some things and when to skip straight to what’s usually … Continue reading

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Wholesale Rust

Many times dealerships get trade-ins that aren’t worth their time or effort to fix up and sell. Older cars, higher mileage, damaged, rusted. When they decide not to do anything with them they get put on the wholesale line where … Continue reading

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