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Honda HR-V Suspension Carnage

If there’s anything that can draw a small crowd of mechanics, it’s a car that’s gotten some impressive damage from a crash. Here’s a few pictures of a Honda HR-V that was sitting outside our body shop. Advertisements

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Quick Tip: Sway Bar Link Installation

I recently shared my method of removing sway bay links, so here’s a quick tip for installing some sway bar links.

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How To: My Sway Bar Link Replacement Method

One of the more common suspension parts to need replacement, in my experience, are sway bar links. Up here in New York, or in other states where rust is an issue, it isn’t always easy to loosen the nuts holding … Continue reading

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Sway Bar Link Mistake

Almost all cars have sway bars, a long piece of metal running from one side of the car to the other. They tie each side of the suspension together to lessen body roll during cornering. Most cars have one in … Continue reading

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Check Old Honda Subframes

Looking at buying an older Honda? Good choice, but make sure you get it checked out thoroughly.

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My Car: Pre-Road Trip Work

I’m heading out on a road trip today, so over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten some work done on my car to get it ready.

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Be Careful With Curbs

A pretty new Accord came into the shop, owner said they hit a curb.

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