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How To: 1987-1991 Ford F-Series Headlight Assembly Replacement

The headlights on my 1990 Ford F-250 were looking pretty bad. 28 years of sun does a number on plastic. Besides the fading and clouding, the housings were broken, so it wasn’t worth just restoring the headlights. If you want … Continue reading

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Worn-Out Pulley

I was driving my truck last week when I suddenly heard the squeal of my serpentine belt and then didn’t have any power steering. I quickly pulled over and opened the hood to find that my serpentine belt had gotten … Continue reading

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My Truck: Seized Caliper

Ever since I bought my truck, a 1990 Ford F-250, the brakes sounded bad when stopping. It would sound like I was grinding to a halt. I figured at first that it was just rusty rotors because it had sat … Continue reading

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Missing Headlight Glass

I was given a quick job, a car just needed a new headlight. I pulled out the old bulb, and found something a little odd.

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Torching Off Lug Nuts

Lug nuts need to be tight, but not too tight. When you’re putting them on it’s ideal to use a torque wrench to make sure that they’re just tight enough. If they’re on too tight or unevenly tightened, it can … Continue reading

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Duct-taped Trim

In a recent post I showed what duct tape does to paint on a car. It’s also not a good idea to use inside your car.

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