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My Car: Rewiring the Foglights

Time to knock off another job on my list from the start of the year.

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Push-Button Shifter

Is moving a lever to change gears the way of the past? It is for a few car models. For most of the history of the automobile, when you want to change gears, you moved a lever. When automatic transmissions … Continue reading

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How-To: 1997 Honda Civic A/C Evaporator Replacement

Earlier in the summer I fixed a leak in my air conditioning system, only to have it start leaking from the evaporator, which is the part by your blower motor that cools the air in the car. I could tell … Continue reading

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Features You’d Think All Cars Would Have

Over time, so many features that at one time were “luxury” items are now found on every car. Power steering, power locks, radios with Bluetooth and touch screens, cruise control, and the list goes on. Sometimes I run across a … Continue reading

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4 Types of Parking Brakes

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the different ways that you as a driver engage the parking brake. This week let’s look at the different ways parking brakes work. Drum Brakes

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360-view cameras

I’m not personally a huge fan of all the features cars have these days, mostly because of how having more features means more problems. But there are a couple features I love and wish I could have in my car.

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Power Window Switch Safety

Power windows are a nice feature and on almost every new car you can buy these days, even on the cheaper models. There’s a safe way and an unsafe way to control them, though.

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Couldn’t Shift Into Park

It was a typical day at work until the manager told me to drive to a nearby store’s parking lot to help out a customer with her car. She’d recently purchased it, and suddenly it was unable to go into … Continue reading

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Dirty Air Filters, Volume 2

Last year I shared pictures of some of the dirtiest air filters I’d seen. There are more.

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