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Honda CR-V Starter Failure

My brother’s car wouldn’t start one day, and doing some digging of his own, he found that the bare wire from the starter solenoid to the starter had corroded away and fell apart as he poked it.  

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Bent Tie Rod

Once again, another car from the body shop came in to get mechanical repairs, and as usual, was major suspension damage.

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Abusing Screwdrivers

Probably one of the most abused tools is the screwdriver. It gets used for all kinds of prying, scraping, and stabbing that it’s not designed for.

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Found in Tire: Key

This last week I had a bunch of newly purchased cars come in with flat tires. Two only had 2-3,000 miles on it, and my last car on Friday only had 200 miles on it.  

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Old Ford Bronco

One day there was a really nice looking 60’s Ford Bronco parked next to the building next door, so I had to go look at it.    

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Quick & Dirty Fix: Dome Light

Ever since I bought my car, a 1997 Honda Civic, the interior dome light hasn’t worked when on the “door” setting. It would work with the “on” setting, so I could clearly tell it was receiving power. Because it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Painted Brakes

Many high-end performance cars have brakes that come painted, often red, so a popular appearance modification people do is to paint their brake calipers themselves. There’s paint sold specifically for this purpose, in spray form.

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