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Multicolor Truck

Sometimes body panels of cars need to be replaced, either because of damage from an accident, or because they’re just getting too rusty. If it was an accident and insurance is paying for the repairs, usually the replacement is painted … Continue reading

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Home Improvement Store Car Repair

As someone who loved his first car more than it deserved, I understand holding onto a car longer than I should. That being said, this is just a bit too far. This car should’ve gone to the junkyard years ago.

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Bad Luck, Hit Twice

A Honda Accord was in the shop, and I noticed something odd near the gas door.

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My Truck: Painting the Bumpers

My 1990 Ford F-250 was originally red, but the previous owner painted it camouflage. There were a few spots that I wanted to touch up when it got warm, especially the bumpers.

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Duct Tape Van

At the dealership we don’t see a lot of cars older than 10 years old, often when we do it’s for a recall or check engine light. Sometimes those older cars are in pretty bad condition.

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