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The Wrong Way To Wire Accessories

A Honda Civic came in with complaints of some strange electrical problems. The first step after checking for diagnostic codes was to check for any aftermarket add-ons, because if poorly installed, they can mess with the systems on the car. … Continue reading

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House Wiring in Cars

My 1990 F-250 has led a hard life, and the wiring has taken a beating. It’s been hacked together enough that I don’t even want to touch any of it if I can avoid it. One thing I noticed with … Continue reading

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Duct Tape Van

At the dealership we don’t see a lot of cars older than 10 years old, often when we do it’s for a recall or check engine light. Sometimes those older cars are in pretty bad condition.

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OBD-II Connector Location

Every car sold in the US since 1996 is required to be equipped with an OBD-II connector so all scan tools, and in some cases state inspection computers, can connect to them and read data. There are general requirements for … Continue reading

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Attempted Exhaust Hack Repair

Sometimes a hackjob fix you really hope will work ends up not working. Even though this didn’t work, I took a bunch of pictures so I want to post about it anyway.

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Quick Tip: Oxygen Sensor Anti-Seize

Another quick tip for you this week. This time, oxygen sensor installation.

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Plastic Tool Tray Reinforcement

Some tools, like screwdrivers, prybars, or special sets like brake tools, come in molded plastic trays made specifically for those tools. If you have room in your toolbox, these can keep things organized really well.

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