Recalls and Gloveboxs

The airbag recalls just keep coming. They’re usually not that much trouble, most of the Hondas I work on are pretty easy. The hard part often comes when doing a passenger airbag and needing to lower the glove box to get access inside the dashboard.


Most of the time we have to remove a lot of stuff from the glove box. Sometimes it’s just a stack of papers and is no trouble, but other times the glove box is just packed full of random stuff. I can usually take it all out without too much trouble but one time I needed to get a box to dump all the random little odds and ends into. The glove box pictured was a welcome sight, with only the owner’s manual inside.

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2 Responses to Recalls and Gloveboxs

  1. bookworm says:

    Are there ever gloves inside?


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