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Old Engines

While I was in school, an older friend invited me to her husband’s engine shop. It was pretty cool seeing the shop, all the specialized equipment, and the engines they were working on.

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Just Making It Work

Many times when working on cars we encounter bolts in really awkward locations, that make it a pain to work on. The Toyota 4Runner has a bolt buried behind the alternator that took me an hour to get out. Hyundai … Continue reading

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Broken Timing Belt

The timing belt is one of the most important parts of an engine. It makes the camshafts turn in time with the crankshaft, so without it an engine wouldn’t run. Some engines are what’s known as an interference engine, which … Continue reading

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Flat Tires

A flat tire isn’t a fun thing to get when you’re driving, but sometimes it can be a pain for the mechanic fixing your tire. Most flat tires I’ve seen are just a puncture and usually we can just plug … Continue reading

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Subaru Oil Filter

There are a lot of times that a mechanic has to wonder what the engineers that designed the car were thinking. Bolts barely accessible with any wrench, parts in odd places, etc.

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Water Damage

We had a very heavy rainstorm a couple months ago. I had parked in a low part of the parking lot, and I was very glad I had waterproof boots when I went out at the end of the day.

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Don’t Stack Wheel Weights

I was doing a tire rotation on a Sienna minivan, and when I was all done and pulling out of the shop to park it, I heard a ticking noise. It’s always a bad feeling when there’s a new sound … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: Wheel Corrosion

If there’s one thing I hate to find when working on cars, it’s wheel and hub corrosion. Aluminum and steel have this thing where if they touch, they get all corroded.

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