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2001 CR-V Transmission, Speedometer, & Alternator Problem

I’ve learned a lesson about diagnosing strange problems. When doing electrical diagnosis you should always check fuses early on, but I’ve now learned that you should also check fuses if you have a strange problem, even if it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Abandoned 1960 Chevrolet

When I was kid I remember finding an old car in the powerlines running near my home. I never saw it again and figured it had been removed when they put in a pipeline, but then last week my brother … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Using The Tools You’ve Got

Today I’m going back to a time before I was a mechanic. Before college, I’d never really done any mechanic type work, except for a little bit on our lawn mower with my dad and brother. One year, the starter … Continue reading

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My Car: Leaking Trunk

For a while I’ve noticed my trunk getting a little damp when it rains. I always just kept items away from the spots that I saw get wet, but recently I took a look in the spare tire well.

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1997 Honda Civic Front Fender Replacement

When I bought my car, besides a bend in the hood, the only body damage was a bent edge on the left front fender.

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How-To: Repainting Wiper Arms

After a while the paint on wiper arms can turn into bare shiny metal, which can cause sun glare.

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My Car: Rewiring the Foglights

Time to knock off another job on my list from the start of the year.

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