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DIY Heatshield Repair

Customer said he wanted us to look at a heatshield under the car that he had temporarily resecured. Spiderman duct tape. It actually was holding pretty well, but I removed it because I thought I heard it hitting the exhaust … Continue reading

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Tool Review: Grey Pneumatic Duo Sockets

They’re grey. They’re for use on pneumatic tools. And they are sockets. Duo? I first heard about these from EricTheCarGuy. Grey Pneumatic is a company specializing in impact sockets. Their Grey Pneumatic are a cross between impact sockets and your … Continue reading

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Using Tools Right

I like doing things right. That means that I want to use tools the right way. I don’t like using cheater bars on wrenches, though once in a while I will if there’s no other way to get enough torque. … Continue reading

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Honda Civic Starter Diagnosis

One day my dad’s 2001 Honda Civic wouldn’t start. Turn the key, dash lights up, engine doesn’t turn over. Now as a beginning mechanic my diagnosis skills aren’t too great, and I’d had a couple minor failures, but I’ll always … Continue reading

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Breaking Brakes

My sister’s 2003 Subaru Forester had developed an extreme vibration when braking. I’d never felt worse, the entire car would shake. I took it to work on my day off to change the front brakes, and when taking the old … Continue reading

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Toolbox Organization

Let’s talk organization. I’m a pretty organized person when I take the time. I like to know where everything is. Some people have toolboxes that look like this. I really have no idea how they can work. How can you … Continue reading

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