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Good Engineering…For Once

Talk to any mechanic and they can tell you about times it was hard to do a repair because the people who designed the car didn’t make it easy to get to a bolt or part. I’ve made a few … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2016

Last year I took a break from the usual post to mark Thanksgiving here in the US with a few things I’m thankful for. Instead of repeating everything from last year’s post, here’s a few to add on.

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Gravely Overloaded

A Honda CR-V came in for some maintenance, and the rear end was sitting unusually low. Of course, we have to open up the back to see what’s loading it down so much.

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Wiring Harness Replacements

For a non-mechanic, something like an engine replacement sounds like a big job. Usually those actually aren’t a bad time. What mechanics really dread are jobs that dig deep into other areas of the car.

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VTEC Stickers Do Not A Racecar Make

It’s always kind of puzzling when you see a car that has stickers or emblems added on saying things like “turbo” or some other word that means it’s fast and fancy.  If they’re trying to impress people who know about … Continue reading

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Leaking Sunroof

A customer came in with a wet rear seat. The immediate suspect was the sunroof. It’s not easily possible for a sunroof to be 100% watertight when it has to be able to tilt and slide, so there are drains … Continue reading

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Identical Mismatched Tires

Now this was a strange one. A customer came in because she had gotten her tires replaced at a tire shop and her low tire pressure warning light kept coming on. The first thing I did was make sure all … Continue reading

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2001 Honda CR-V Driveshaft Noise

My brother’s 2001 Honda CR-V had developed a strange noise. When accelerating in reverse there would be a short clank noise. I couldn’t tell what it was, so I took in to work, and they had never heard the noise … Continue reading

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