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Rear Turn Signals

I’m a bigger fan of older car designs than the current ones a lot of the time. Sometimes it’s just the smallest design point that makes a big difference in the feeling of the whole design.

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Overtightened Drain Plug

Sometimes it seems like the last person to do an oil change must have used their full weight on a breaker bar to tighten the drain plug.

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So Long, 2003 Accord

After many faithful years of service to my family, our 2003 Honda Accord has been decommissioned.

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Mistakes Are Okay

If you just replaced the wrong part, broke something, or damaged a car, this one’s for you.

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Small Stone, Big Screech

A pretty new car came into the shop with a really bad constant high-pitched squealing noise that happened whenever it moved. With low miles, it’d be unlikely that the brakes had worn all the way down to reach metal-on-metal contact, … Continue reading

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My Car: Leaking Trunk

For a while I’ve noticed my trunk getting a little damp when it rains. I always just kept items away from the spots that I saw get wet, but recently I took a look in the spare tire well.

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CR-V Animal Nest

A Honda CR-V was towed into the shop because it wasn’t responding to the gas pedal and could only be driven around at idle.

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