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All 4 Outlets Don’t Work

A customer came in with a few problems to diagnose. One of them was that none of their accessory sockets worked. The most common problem is a blown fuse, but this was all of their sockets. Advertisements

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Tire Blowout? Accidental Off-Roading?

Sometimes there are cars outside the body shop at the dealership that have interesting damage. I rarely get to hear what happened to cause the damage, so I have to try to guess what might have caused it.

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A Quick Word on Safety

Today’s video is about safety while working on cars. Click here or on the video above to watch it.

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Comedic Emblem

Sometimes cars seem to have a sense of humor. I was looking over a Honda CR-V that was well past its prime. It was close to 200,000 miles, and had a lot of problems.

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Faking a Race Car

I’ve posted before about when people put stickers on their car to try to impress people with what features their car allegedly has. Often it’s fake, and anybody who actually knows about what features are available would know that the … Continue reading

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