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Overfilled Transmission, Broken Wires

A second-generation Honda Insight came into the shop with a complaint of low power when accelerating, and the transmission “D” indicator was flashing. When I pulled it in, it was clearly something going wrong with the transmission.

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2013-2017 Honda Accord CVT Fluid Replacement

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Check Used Parts Before Installation

One of the techs in the shop was replacing the transmission in a Honda Fit. He was installing a used one from a junkyard, and everything went fine until he started it up.

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Bad Alternator = No Reverse

Recently a Honda Accord Crosstour was towed in with two seemingly unrelated problems. The first problem was that the charging system light had come on and the car wouldn’t start. The second was it wouldn’t go into reverse. I hooked … Continue reading

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Blown-Up CVT

I was out for a drive in a customer’s car that had a complaint about a vibration. I didn’t feel anything, but as I took a left turn through an intersection, there was a clunk and the car suddenly would … Continue reading

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Selections from Social Media Vol. 1

I put out new blog posts here every Monday and Thursday, but the rest of the week I’m also posting pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are some of the most interesting pictures that you may have missed if … Continue reading

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The Civic Brake Line Ordeal

Back in March my dad’s 2001 Honda Civic developed a leak in one of the brake lines. The ensuing repairs ended up taking until September to finally finish, partly due to my free times and partly because I just had … Continue reading

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2001 CR-V Transmission, Speedometer, & Alternator Problem

I’ve learned a lesson about diagnosing strange problems. When doing electrical diagnosis you should always check fuses early on, but I’ve now learned that you should also check fuses if you have a strange problem, even if it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Cheap Work Truck Repairs

Last week I spent my time working at a summer camp, something I do every summer. I’ve done a little work on some of the camp vehicles in the past, but this year I got to do a couple full … Continue reading

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Push-Button Shifter

Is moving a lever to change gears the way of the past? It is for a few car models. For most of the history of the automobile, when you want to change gears, you moved a lever. When automatic transmissions … Continue reading

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