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My Car: A/C Fixed?

Earlier in the year I made a post about four things I wanted to fix on my car this year. Halfway through the year and I’ve finally accomplished a second repair.

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Driving through a parking lot one day and came across this.

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1999 Buick Century Drum Brakes

For my first side job for someone other than a family member, one of my friends called me to find a brake fluid leak on her 1999 Buick Century. I found it pretty quickly; it was the short piece of … Continue reading

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Funnel Storage

A few months ago I wrote a post about making caliper hangers out of coat hangers. I recently had to figure out a way to store my funnels I use for various fluids, so out came the coat hangers again.

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1997 Honda Civic Subframe Replacement

I bought my 1997 Honda Civic in April 2015, and soon discovered that the front subframe was rusted out. A couple months later I got all the parts I needed, and began the biggest project I’ve done so far on … Continue reading

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Getting Creative with Tools

There are always times when that one bolt you need to turn is in a really inconvenient place, and it leads you to come up with combinations of tools you wouldn’t usually.

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DIY Workbench

Last summer, after I’d moved my toolbox to the dealership, I needed a workspace in the garage. I found this design online and made a few changes to it, with a few mistakes.

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Finally No SRS Light

Ever since I bought my car, the warning light for the airbag system has been on. While rooting around under the dashboard one day, I found a yellow wiring connector that wasn’t hooked up. Yellow is the color for all … Continue reading

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22 Things I Keep In My Car (and what you really need)

I’ve always been someone who likes being prepared. I like to be the guy who pulls out whatever item someone happens to ask for. It’s no surprise that I keep a lot of stuff in my car.

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