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Worn-Out Pulley

I was driving my truck last week when I suddenly heard the squeal of my serpentine belt and then didn’t have any power steering. I quickly pulled over and opened the hood to find that my serpentine belt had gotten … Continue reading

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Missing Headlight Glass

I was given a quick job, a car just needed a new headlight. I pulled out the old bulb, and found something a little odd.

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Short Tire Life

Typical tires are designed to last a long time. Typical passenger car all-season tires can usually go for 40,000-60,000 miles if properly maintained. High performance tires are higher grip, which means they wear out much quicker, in possibly 20,000 miles … Continue reading

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Car vs. Wood

A car was brought into the shop to check for a fluid leak. The owner had something about maybe backing over something. The damage told a different story.

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Engine Compartment Feast

I’ve posted a couple times in the past I’ve written about evidence of animals in cars. Both evidence of them eating or storing food, or of trying to live in them. This car was worse than those.

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When Bushings and Bolts Go Bad

Suspension arms are attached to the car through rubber bushings that have a metal sleeve in the middle where the bolt goes through. In rustier areas of the country like where I live, that means the bolts can be very … Continue reading

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Check Your Tires

It’s important to check your tires regularly. Tire pressures should be checked every month, especially in places with widely varying temperatures. Every 10 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature change will affect the tire pressure by 1 PSI. Proper tire pressure is … Continue reading

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