How To: 1987-1991 Ford F-250/F-350 Front Brake Calipers

I recently did a brake job on my truck, and found that the calipers are attached differently than on newer vehicles, so here’s a how-to guide if you’re doing them yourself. You don’t need any sockets or wrenches, just a hammer and a screwdriver.


First, remove the spring, it should come out pretty easily.


The caliper is held onto the bracket on the knuckle with two pins. Use a hammer and screwdriver to push them out. A new set of brake pads might come with new pins, otherwise clean them up to use again.


Once the pins are out, the caliper can be removed from the knuckle.


Slide the brake pads towards the middle to remove them.


If you’re replacing the caliper, remove the banjo bolt from the brake line connection.


Install new pads onto the caliper, position it in the knuckle, and hammer in the pins. Make sure you lubricate the pins.


Install the spring on the back of the pads. A new set of pads might come with a new spring.


The design is a bit awkward, having to install the pads in the caliper before putting it on the truck, and then getting it positioned right to get the pins in, but it’s not too hard of a job. I hope this post helped.

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  1. calvin says:

    How does this spring attach?


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