Dropped Oil Cap

Dropping tools or bolts while working on a car is annoying, especially when it’s into the engine bay. When a mechanic drops something there’s always a silent pause while they wait to hear if it hits the ground. If not, it might take some time to find what was dropped.


This was the second time I’ve dropped the oil cap while finishing up an oil change on a Honda Odyssey. Both times it’s ended up here, between the engine, exhaust, and engine mount. I had to set the lift and raise it again and the first time it took me several minutes to get it out. The second time I had a small grabber tool I was able to use to get it out much quicker.

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4 Responses to Dropped Oil Cap

  1. Ali says:

    You’re the man! I dropped mine as well and thought it was there but couldn’t get enough light to properly see. Googled dropped Odyssey and your post popped up. Sure enough I wasn’t seeing things. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Ken says:

    Was exactly where you said it would be. And to add insult to injury, when I poked it out it fell and hit me right in between my eyes.


  3. Cyril Chandran says:

    I dropped that in a Honda Pilot. I don’t know how much it is the same as an Oddessy, but I hope it won’t drop to the road as I am about to drive to a mechanic for my engine light. I was adding top up oil after a long long journey and the light showed up. I was monitoring the oil level since there’s been a slight oil leak.


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