Painted Brakes

Many high-end performance cars have brakes that come painted, often red, so a popular appearance modification people do is to paint their brake calipers themselves. There’s paint sold specifically for this purpose, in spray form.


That is not what the previous owner of this used car did. It looks like housepaint just brushed on. They chose white because that’s the color of the car, but it just looks really bad. When you do this you should paint the caliper, and only the caliper, when it’s not installed on the car.


When this guy did it he painted the brakes after they were installed on the car, so everything got painted, including the bolts, rubber boots, hardware, and even the end of the brake line. The side of the front of the rotors also got painted. The pads had plenty of life left, and the rotor surfaces were fine, so all I did was take them apart to make sure the paint wasn’t preventing proper operation.


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