Quick & Dirty Fix: Dome Light

Ever since I bought my car, a 1997 Honda Civic, the interior dome light hasn’t worked when on the “door” setting. It would work with the “on” setting, so I could clearly tell it was receiving power. Because it wouldn’t work when any of the doors were opened, I could tell it was a problem between the light and where the wires from the four door sensors come together.


Because all of that is hidden behind panels and in the ceiling, I didn’t feel like digging around trying to find the problem, so because it’s my car that I can do whatever I want with, I just decided to wire it directly, not bothering to hide it. The light and door switches use simple blade terminals, so I just ran a wire from the driver’s door switch to the light, and now it works when I open the door. The only downside is the key reminder beeper doesn’t work now, but I could fix that if I decide to.


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2 Responses to Quick & Dirty Fix: Dome Light

  1. When you say it worked with the On setting would that mean the car door was opened or closed at the time it worked?


  2. Dan says:

    There are three settings, Off, Door or Auto, and On. The on position turns it on no matter what, and the door/auto position turns it on when a door is opened. Mine wasn’t working in the door/auto position, but was in the on position, which showed me that it wasn’t a problem with the power circuit.


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