Christmas Tool Gift Guide

It’s already December, which means Christmas is coming up. If you have a mechanic in your life or just a tool fanatic, here’s a couple suggestions for tools you could buy them, with links to these tools on Amazon.


Streamlight Stylus Pro USB flashlight

It’s a nice small pocket flashlight that’s nice and bright, and this version recharges with a regular USB cable like most phones. I use it every day, on every car, and only have to recharge it once a month.

Streamlight Stylus Pro USB on Amazon


Knipex Pliers Wrench

This is basically a better adjustable wrench. You can quickly change sizes, it locks the adjustment, and it will always tighten exactly onto what you’re working on. I have the 7-inch version, and the jaws are slightly narrower than my open end wrenches, so I’ve found some times it’s useful, plus the widest opening is much wider than a similar length adjustable wrench. I plan on getting the 12-inch to replace my large adjustable wrench.

Knipex Pliers Wrench on Amazon

Knipex Cobra Pliers

These are similar to channel-lock wrenches, but the jaws are shaped slightly different. They have the same locking adjustment as the pliers wrench but with an even bigger range. The teeth on it are pretty good, I’ve used it for some things I’ve needed a really good grip on. These also come in multiple lengths, I have the 10-inch.

Knipex Cobra Pliers on Amazon


Grey Pneumatic Duo Sockets

I’ve written a full review in a previous post, so I’ll just give a summary. These sockets are the thickness of regular chrome sockets but have the strength to be used on impact power tools, which means you don’t have to buy either two sets of sockets or have to use thick impact sockets on your hand ratchets. The sets come with a ratchet and extensions, and come in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ drives, in metric and fractional, 6 and 12-point.

Grey Pneumatic Duo Sockets on Amazon (3/8″ metric/fractional 6-point set)



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2 Responses to Christmas Tool Gift Guide

  1. Wow, that pliers wrench looks super useful. How well does it hold up when you’re really cranking on it?


    • Dan says:

      I haven’t used it for much that’s really tight, because I only have the six inch long ones, but I’m sure they’d hold up well. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews of Knipex tools.


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