Two Time-Saving Tools

For a mechanic, time is money. The more we get done, the more money we make. So it’s often worth spending some money on tools that help us get jobs done faster.


This is a brake caliper tool. This is from Bluepoint, I think Mac and Matco also sell them. Instead of wrestling with a big pair of channel locks to push the caliper pistons back in, the handle of this tool ratchets and pushes the two plates apart. It’s really good for four piston calipers, because it pushes all of them at once so you know you have them all back in. There are other tools made for pushing pistons back, but most I’ve seen cost more than this.


Getting exhaust pipes out of their rubber hangers can be a struggle without this tool. I’ve seen other mechanics wrestling with prybars and other tools, but this tool pops them right out in no time. That kind of performance is always worth it for me. This particular one I bought was made by Lisle.

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