Toyota Oil Filter Wrench

I worked on Toyotas for almost two years, but now I work on Hondas. Despite this, I still use my Toyota oil filter wrench almost daily.


Most newer Toyota models use cartridge filters, where only the filter element is replaced, rather than the full canister filters that older Toyotas use. Because of this there is a special giant socket to properly loosen and tighten these filters, and is always sold for use on Toyota filters. What a lot of people may not realize is that it’s also the same size as most older Toyota canister filters, and as I found, it’s the same size as the filters on all Honda engines.


Because of this I’m able to use my Toyota wrench for most Honda oil changes, and I also found that it works on at least some Nissans. The tool companies should mention these additional uses and not just call it a Toyota filter wrench.

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