Plastic Tool Tray Reinforcement

Some tools, like screwdrivers, prybars, or special sets like brake tools, come in molded plastic trays made specifically for those tools. If you have room in your toolbox, these can keep things organized really well.



The only downside is that over time they can break, because they’re only thin plastic. There’s not really much structure to them, especially in large empty areas like this screwdriver tray.


One of my coworkers told me about something he saw recently. To make these trays last a really long time, you can fill the backside with expanding foam, like Great Stuff. One can filled all but one of the trays I have in my toolbox.


The hard part was shaving down the extra off the back once it had cured. My coworker said he used a reciprocating saw with a long blade. I ended up using a camp saw for the majority and then a serrated pocket knife to finish off the rest. I couldn’t get it all flat like I wanted, but it worked pretty well. The other problem I ran into was trying not to damage the plastic trays, because the saw would tear right through them.


Because I’m a bit of a perfectionist this bugged me, but most people are probably fine with it. Because there was nothing to hold against the pressure, the sides of some of the trays got pushed outwards by the expanding foam. My main problem with this is it prevents the trays from sitting as flush with the sides of my drawers. Overall it’s a pretty good idea and I’m happy that these should last for many years now.

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