Update: Evolution of My Toolbox

3 years ago I wrote a post showing how my tool collection had expanded in the last two and a half years. Well, after three years it’s time for another update.


My first toolbox was a single-wide box, and I left the sockets in their original plastic holders, which meant they took up most of the space. All I had was Snap-on sockets, torx bits, and ratchets. The wrench drawer had plenty of space with just a set of 10-19mm wrenches, flare nut wrenches, and 6 pairs of pliers.


A year and a half later I got a wider box, and I’d accumulated some more tools by then. I started getting socket from Grey Pneumatic, plus a 1/2″ torque wrench. I moved to storebought and homemade socket racks so I could fit everything in more compactly.


I added a lot to the wrench drawer. Long box end wrenches, ratcheting wrenches, and a set of 20-24mm wrenches, plus several more pliers of various types.

Three years later, my box is packed full. I’d previously only had metric sockets except for a set of 3/8″ drive, but now I also have a full set of 1/2″ fractional impact sockets. I also got a few more extensions, and a few random other sockets.

Similarly, the wrench and pliers drawer is completely full. I added 27 and 30mm wrenches, and a set of stubby wrenches. The collection of pliers has also grown even more, with some extra long needle-nose, cutters, and more.

Come back next Monday and Thursday and every week for more blog posts. If you want to get in touch or see more pictures throughout the week, search for Mechanical Malarkey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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