Rusted Out Gas Tank Straps

A customer had their Honda Civic towed into the shop with a bit of a problem. They said that they had run over a deer carcass and now their gas tank was falling out. The car wouldn’t run, so it got pushed into the shop and put up on a lift.

While it was true that the gas tank was falling out, we couldn’t find any evidence of hitting a dead deer like the customer had claimed. The gas tank straps looked like they had simply rusted out. It’s possible that driving over something or hitting a pothole could’ve been the last straw that cause them to break, but whatever happened, the car needed new tank straps.

Luckily, nothing broke besides the straps. The fuel lines stayed attached, even though the hoses got stretched pretty tight, and the fuel pump electrical connector actually unplugged, rather than pulling out the wires. The lack of the fuel pump running was the only reason the car wasn’t running. New gas tank straps and hardware, and the car was on its way.

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