Speaker Failure Diagnosis

A Honda CR-V was in the shop, and one of the customer’s complaints was that the two rear speakers didn’t work, and the left front had a lot of static and distortion. After confirming that the speakers weren’t working, the next thing to do was check the speakers themselves. I took off the door panels and when I went to disconnect the speakers, I found the problem.

I was having trouble unplugging the first speaker, ending up trying a couple different tools before it finally came free, and more than just the connector came out. It pulled the pins right out of the speaker as well because it had all corroded together. I didn’t bother trying to unplug the other two speakers when they wouldn’t immediately come apart because it was clear that they were corroded too.

This looked more like rust than the usual corrosion I see in electrical systems, and I don’t know why it happened. The fact that three individual doors had this problem makes flooding a suspect rather than just a bad seal in a single door, but there wasn’t any other evidence of widespread water damage. I priced out new speakers and door harnesses, but the customer declined the repair.

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