A Week of Brake Fails

It was a week with several different failures of brake systems.

The first is just a pretty badly rusted rotor, this one to the point that a chunk had come off of the face of it in one spot. You can see that not much of the brake pad was making real contact. Fortunately this was in the rear, which doesn’t take as much of the braking load.

The rust ridge on the inside edge of this rotor had built up so much it was actually grinding against the caliper bracket. Not bad enough to really damage it, but a good idea to change the rotors.

Another classic case of an owner not paying attention as their brake pad wears away completely and falls out, leading to the caliper grinding down against the rotor. It’s definitely been this way for a while, and it should never have gotten this far.

And finally, a seized caliper piston likely due to the dust boot getting torn, allowing water in, rusting the piston and preventing it from retracting.

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