Tire Blowout? Accidental Off-Roading?

Sometimes there are cars outside the body shop at the dealership that have interesting damage. I rarely get to hear what happened to cause the damage, so I have to try to guess what might have caused it.


The first thing I noticed was the beat up wheel and destroyed tire. Usually tires only disintegrate like this when they’re driven flat for a while, so maybe it was driven flat and fell apart, causing the car to crash. The condition of the wheel makes me think it hit some hard bumps once the tire was gone, maybe even going off the road.


The whole wheel and suspension are pushed back as well, indicating that it hit something with a good amount of force. There’s a good amount of damage to the bumper as well. Overall, my suspicion is that the tire blew and the car went off the side of the road. What do you think might have happened? Let me know in the comments or on social media.

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