Faking a Race Car

I’ve posted before about when people put stickers on their car to try to impress people with what features their car allegedly has. Often it’s fake, and anybody who actually knows about what features are available would know that the car doesn’t actually have what it claims to have. A lot of times it’s a VTEC sticker, or a “turbo” emblem, or even an emblem denoting a high performance trim level, like a Civic Type R.


Recently when I was at a gas station I saw this Honda Civic pull in. It immediately caught my eye with all the graphics on the side. Besides the “Honda Motorsports” it also said “Civic Type R.” From my experience with Hondas, I can tell that this is just a regular EX model Civic, not even an Si, so it’s not likely that it’s anything close to what it’s claiming on the outside. Even without knowing the specific model that this is, I would guess that it’s not what it’s claiming because it doesn’t look sporty at all, no spoiler or body modifications or bigger wheels.

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