My Car: A/C Fixed?

Earlier in the year I made a post about four things I wanted to fix on my car this year. Halfway through the year and I’ve finally accomplished a second repair.


Ever since I bought my car, the air conditioning hasn’t work. Last summer I charged it up, but it didn’t seem to work, and I didn’t really have the time to diagnose it, so I lived with driving around with the windows down the whole summer. I didn’t want to that again this summer, so during lunch one day I recharged the system again, which was almost empty again, and put in some fluorescent dye so I could find where the leak was.


After a week I had no more A/C, which means it had all leaked out, but with the dye in the system I could now easily find the leak. The only leakage I could find was on the connection at the top of the condenser. I was expecting to have an actual leaking condenser, but it turned out all I needed was an O-ring.


Two dollars later, and I have a new O-ring, get it installed, and recharge the system again. I also had to tighten the belt for the A/C compressor, but now my A/C is working great. Hopefully that was the only leak, but if it isn’t I should be able to find it with the dye.

Stay cool this summer!

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