Funnel Storage

A few months ago I wrote a post about making caliper hangers out of coat hangers. I recently had to figure out a way to store my funnels I use for various fluids, so out came the coat hangers again.


There are electrical conduits along the wall of the shop, which are a perfect place to hang things. All my funnels have little holes in them for hanging them, so first I just made small hooks to stick through the holes and then onto the conduits, but then I realized it would be much better bend the wire around again so the funnel can’t come off, saving me from looking for lost hooks.


It turns out that when you use funnels, especially for engine oil, there will be some of the fluid still in the funnel, and will slowly drip out and make a mess all over the wall and the floor. I took an empty coolant jug, cut it in half, drilled a couple holes, and used some coat hangers to suspend it from the same electrical conduit, making a drip container, keeping my area clean.

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