Smashed Subframe

A customer brought their Honda Accord came into the shop complaining of a bad vibration that seemed to be from the engine. Engine vibrations can be caused by a rough-running engine, or by failing engine mounts.

Once this car was up on a lift, it was obvious what was causing this vibration, and that it would not be a cheap fix. The subframe had hit something very hard and solid, pushing the front of it in several inches. The vibration was caused by the subframe touching the engine directly.

The front engine mount was a little bent, and some hoses were stretched, but remarkably there was no other noticeable damage. The force that would be required to bend the subframe this much would be very high, so the driver must have felt it when it happened. Whatever it hit must have been very solid, and it’s incredible that the oil pan and exhaust showed no signs of hitting anything.

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