Multicolor Truck

Sometimes body panels of cars need to be replaced, either because of damage from an accident, or because they’re just getting too rusty. If it was an accident and insurance is paying for the repairs, usually the replacement is painted to match the car, or a used one is found of the same color. When parts are being replaced for other reasons, unless you’re really lucky, it’s often hard to find used ones of the right colors.


That’s how a truck like this happens. It’s actually pretty impressive how many parts got replaced. Either this truck has just gotten really rusty, as happens often here in New York, or after replacing a few the owner decided just to go all out and make everything different.


I counted at least 6 different colors. Originally the truck was a bright blue, but I can see a dark blue tailgate, silver bed, tan doors, one white door, and black front fenders. The missing rear bumper tells me that this truck has led a hard life, but it looks pretty cool with all the different colors.

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