New Wheels on Old Cars

Most people leave the same wheels on a car for its entire life. Some replace them because they don’t like the look, or because they keep leaking due to corrosion. Usually when they do this they use aftermarket wheels, because there are a lot of options that are far cheaper than OEM wheels.

2019_05_20_01.jpgThe owner of this second generation CR-V went a different route. Instead of older OEM wheels or aftermarket wheels, they got wheels for a current generation CR-V. I don’t know if they got them from a junkyard or something, but if they didn’t it would’ve cost a lot. I don’t often think about how newer wheels would look on older cars, or even occur to me that they would fit, but with the right tires these look like they go right on with no problems. Gives the car an updated look while staying all Honda.

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