Dirty Air Filters, Volume 4

Since the last collection of dirty air filters I’ve posted, I’ve found so many that ones that would’ve made it into previous posts aren’t even dirty enough.


To start off, a set of cabin and engine air filters that are definitely due for replacement. The cabin air filter is full of some kind of hair or fur.


Here’s yet another cabin air filter with some rodent nest material piled on top.


This filter is packed with leaves as well as some kind of fuzz or fur.


It’s dirty enough that it could’ve been the dirtiest filter in one of my previous posts, but this wasn’t the worst since the last post.


This may be the worst cabin air filter I’ve found. There have been others I’ve seen but those were ones other techs found and were showing around.

If you want to go see my previous collections of dirty air filters, here they are:

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